update php in wordpress

How & Why to Update PHP in WordPress

If I told you that your website could run faster than it ever has before while also being more secure, what would you say?

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gallery plugins for wordpress

10 Gallery Plugins For WordPress Roundup

It is crucial to ensure proper presentation of pictures on the website to make them look as stunning as they are.

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search plugins for wordpress

Best 10 Search Plugins for WordPress (Compared)

It is crucial to have a highly functional search system on your WordPress website.

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wordpress live chat plugins

10 Impressive WordPress Chat Plugins for Stellar Customer Support

Most websites today come with live chat support. Because of this, customers today are spoiled. With companies willing to cater to their every whim, online consumers have become impatient.

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wordpress hosting providers

Best WordPress Hosting Providers (Compared)

Choosing one of the best WordPress hosting providers can do wonders for your website.

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wordpress migration plugins

7 Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins (Pros and Cons)

Is your current hosting company just not delivering anymore? Then you just might need to migrate your website elsewhere.

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